Monday, 11 January 2010

Derwent Pencils: Charcoal and Drawing

Yes, I know, Derwent pencils are not "writing instruments" and I didn't write. But I just couldn't resist. It was a batch I picked during a visit to the Pencil Museum up in Keswick, Cumbria, home of the world famous Derwent pencils. The batch, some ten pencils of various makes and colours, was one of many tied together with an elastic band and priced at £3.

Derwent Pencils. Derwent Drawing Brown Ochre 5700
Photo L. Apostolakou

I used the medium charcoal pencil and mixed it with the Derwent Drawing Brown Ochre 5700. The charcoal pencil is rich and smooth and offers perfect control. I was very pleased with the shading and quality of the tip. The Derwent Drawing has a pastel-feel, smooth and velvety.

Derwent Pencil. Derwent Charcoal Medium
Photo L. Apostolakou

Guiltily I used the last page of my trusted Cadmium Green Trav.e.logue journal for a quick test. Maybe I'll take up sketching.