Friday, 5 March 2010

Medieval and Renaissance Material Culture: Writing Instuments Resources

I came upon this excellent resource for writing instrument enthusiasts: Medieval & Renaissance Material Culture compiled by Karen Larsdatter. There is a vast array of topics covered ranging from animals, education & literacy, games, tools, textiles to gastronomy, medicine, clothing, jewelry, children and armory. A sitemap leads the visitor to the relevant illustrations. Under Education & Literacy is Scribes at Work & Illustrations with Writing Tools.

There are links to online resources such as the National Gallery in London, the British Library, German National Museum, Web Gallery of Art, and other online collections. Larsdatter's collection includes link to writing instruments and implements, in particular ink containers (inkwells, inkstands, ink pots), pens (quills), pen boxes and writing desks. An excellent resource.

  A nice touch: What is it that you seek? At the front page of Karen's website a valet awaits to escort you!

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