Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Post a Stub: Faber Castell 9000, The Last of the Gang: A Graphe-biography

The mysterious author of the fascinating blog Ink Quest is devoted to pens and ink. But of course there are instances that only a pencil will do. For example, I understand completely the mysterious author's inability to mark books with ink. Oh the defacement. I too feel that pencilling is less of an attack upon the majesty of the text. Ink Quest has this graphe-biography to offer to the Palimpsest's quest for pencil stub stories:

The last of the gang. Several years ago, I spent an afternoon ringing every stationer in the South Wales area to ask about the availability of Faber Castell 9000 pencils. When Ink Spot in Cardiff reported that my preferred HBs were in abundance upon the shelf, I drove for several hours to get there, only to discover that the shop had an entire box of pre-1989 incarnations. (They were stamped ‘West Germany’ and looked much prettier than the current 9000.) I bought the lot, and I’ve been working my way through them ever since. I’m now down to the last one, so I use it sparingly. With every new annotation, it edges closer to nothingness. The modern 9000s write just as well, and I have pencilled in switching to them when this lonely stub is finally stubbed out, but I know that things will never be quite the same.

 Story and Photos by Ink Quest. There was no inkident I'm sure during the writing of this story.