Monday, 22 March 2010

Post A Stub

Call for Stubs.

What's in a pencil? Thomas Edison had his custom made. John Steinbeck looked for the perfect pencil all his life. Rudyard Kipling avoided pencils. Hemingway carried his pencil stubs everywhere. Heck, even Goethe preferred the old pencil to a pen.
Palimpsest wants to see your pencil stubs. Look in the kitchen drawer, at the bottom of the pencil pot, in the shed, even in your pocket - and snap a picture.

Tell Palimpsest about your pencil stubs - why you love them or why you hate them. Is there a story or a memory that this pencil stub wants to tell? Tell it to Palimpsest and Palimpsest will publish it here for all the world to see.

Your submission should include
  • Your name that you want published
  • Your blog or website, if you have any
  • Two JPG photos featuring your pencil stub
  • 100-150 words describing your stub's story
Please send it to

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