Saturday, 13 March 2010

Would it be Inches or Centimetres today, Sir?

The English live in a perpetual dilemma. Will it be patriotic inches or European centimetres? Will it be a united Europe (God-forbid) where everyone reads Proust, eats olives and frankfurters and sunbathes at the Med on 180cm IKEA towels, or will it be tea drank while wondering lonely-as-a-cloud in pleasant rain-drenched fields dotted with Wordsworth's daffodils. No centimetres, please, we are British.

But why choose? This Carpenter pencil I found in Paperchase solves the dilemma once and for all. It is made by Kirin Japan and doubles as a ruler with inches on one side and centimetres on the other. Would it be inches or centimetres today, Sir? I'll have both, thank you Jeeves.


  1. The only sensible solution! Nice blog!

  2. Thanks Von! Will it be inches or centimetres for our Australian friends?