Sunday, 25 April 2010

Bloggers of Pen, Pencil, Ink. And Paper.

Bloggers of Pen, Pencil, Ink and Paper are many. In the five months since I joined their ranks I have encountered a few and some of them grace with their names my Blogroll. It is a pleasure to visit them every day or every other day and see their words and images. They are wizards. Wizards in that they wave their inky wands with the same ease as they tap their keyboards and hit the button of their cameras and use graphite and ink and mark paper as they negotiate their WP and Blogger and Feedburner.

The photos of Dave's Mechanical Pencils are so quirky and creative - his writing instruments placed on such appropriate settings - that his reviews gain a new depth and interest. The Pen Addict is always precise, detailed, consistent and shares the wisdom with his ink links. There's an almost culinary feel in Lady Dandelion's blog as she combines inks and pens with food and flowers. Hers, I feel, is a fragrant blog. Pocket Blonde is bursting with ink, pen and notepad reviews.

PencilTalk has such meticulous reviews with sharp images to match - a great source for the pencil enthusiast since 2005 (beat that). Lexikaliker, a German blog, with amazing images of old pen and pencil advertisements (constantly reminds me to improve my German so that I can follow his words). I love Inkophile's delicious writing in ink - it makes me want to buy all the inks s/he reviews. I always drop in to A Penchant for Paper and Unposted to see what treasures they have unearthed.

What to say of Rhodia Drive and Quo Vadis: they rock and they roll. I bow to and salute their astonishing ware. Whatever's reviews are also a delight as are her Tweets - a sunny presence in a fast world. is the source of my beloved Palomino pencils and many more pencil delights. Match the dedication of Notebook Stories to noteboooks, journals, diaries and sketchbooks. Inkyjournal's blog with its dark background and luxurious writing instruments and inks transports me to a dream world where my desk is equipped only with the best writing implements.

Leigh Reyes amazes me with her creativity and her ways with the nib. Similarly fascinating are Journaling Arts ways with the journal. I'm getting to know the Peaceable Writer recently - look out for her coming contribution to Palimpsest's Post a Stub. Last but not least is Ink Quest. To my inkmost distress Ink Quest has terminated his blog of 5 years, deleting his archive and posting a Samuel Beckett quote in lieu of an epitaph. I strongly appeal to him to reconsider. My blog world is poorer without him.

Has Ink Quest's Ink Been Eradicated?

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