Monday, 5 April 2010

Dickens' Old Curiosity Shop: A Lesson in Ink

Kit's writing lesson:

To relate... how when he did sit down he tucked up his sleeves and squared his elbows and put his face close to the copy-book and squinted horribly at the lines - how from the very first moment of having the pen in his hand, he began to wallow in blots, and to daub himself with ink up to the very roots of his hair - how if he did by accident form a letter properly, he immediately smeared it out again with his arm in his preparations to make another - how every fresh mistake, there was a fresh burst of merriment from the child and a louder and not less hearty laugh from poor Kit himself - and how there was all the way through, notwithstanding, a gentle wish on her part to teach, and an anxious desire on his learn - to relate all these particulars would no doubt occupy more space and time than they deserve. It will be sufficient to say that the lesson was given - that evening passed and night came on -

 Photo by L. Apostolakou

Charles Dickens, The Old Curiosity Shop with the original illustrations, Oxford University Press 1998.

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