Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Post a Stub: Three Pencils from The Peaceable Writer

Although the lovely Peaceable Writer blog is all about pens and their adventures, its author Julie kindly responded to Palimpsest's Post a Stub with the following:

I’ve stopped using pencils in favor of fountain pens. When I was young I favored a soft No. 2 yellow pencil to write with because writing in ink was too much of a commitment to the words. Today I own all the words I write. Even the ones I throw away. There are two pencils in my pen cup. One is from a favorite bookstore in my hometown, San Francisco. The other is from Playbill magazine because I am a theatre geek and it makes me smile. Pencils now are mostly remembrances of places I’ve been and if there are free pencils instead of business cards or matches, I always take one. A third pencil sits in my pen box. It is 1930’s Wahl-Oxford pencil. It’s pretty but I don’t know what to do with it. It’s too much of a commitment to graphite.

Text and photos by The Peaceable Writer

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  1. A very pleasant read! I like the word owning angle. :)