Friday, 7 May 2010

Post a Stub: Maths finals success

Palimpsest was sent this lovely photo from Corrada2000 celebrating her daughter's success in her maths finals. Her photostream in Flickr contains many gems - my particular favourite must be Books and Words.

I took this photo rather on impulse after my daughter had called to tell me that she had passed her final maths test at university with the best possible mark – hooray!
As I post a photo on flickr nearly every day, I decided to do so to celebrate the girl's success.
So I went to „her“ room (she doesn't live at home any more), chose one of the maths books from her shelf (the book's title is „Gew√∂hnliche Differentialgleichungen“ - ordinary differential equations) and took one of the pencils from a pencil box. I decided for a red one to put some colour to the black and white page of the book – the photo shows a detail from „FitzHugh-Nagumo equations“.
 Palimpsest extends congratulations!

Text and photo by Corrada2000 All rights reserved.

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