Thursday, 20 May 2010

Post a Stub: Staedtler Mars Polycolor

Von of The Good Life blog has sent this contribution to Palimpsest's Post a Stub:

What an irresistible invitation for a pencil addict to be asked to share a favourite pencil stub! Of course it was extremely difficult to select just one. I have a box of Staedtler Mars Polycolor No. 3211 Made in Germany, which originally contained twelve left-hand pencils. Sadly, the white one wore away long ago and the No. 9 Light Cadmium and the No. 47 Brick Red disappeared, while in the care of my younger daughter years ago. The set was retrieved when I found her trying to abandon the box - she grew up to become a stationery addict!

These pencils are precious to me because they were given to me by an old family friend on a birthday and I used them with respect and delight as a child and continue to do so today. The quality far surpasses anything newer and they are as smooth and effortless to use as they ever were. I believe that they will now see me out, with carefull use and that is a pleasing thought.
So to choose just one, feels like picking out one friend for special attention from a group of dear, old friends - not quite comfortable. However, if it has to be, it will be due to the colour and has to be No. 35 Carmin Extra fine.

Photos and text by Von of The Good Life.


  1. What a treasure :)
    We'd love to meet you on our facebook fanpage !
    It would be great if you became a fan, too, and linked to this article to show it to all other STAEDTLER fans on our page.

    Hope to see you soon and best regards from STAEDTLER headquarters in Germany, Yvonne

  2. Cheers, Yvonne. See you on FB!

  3. Hi Yvonne, thanks for the invite.I am a lifelong Staedtler fan, always will be.Love the metallic gel-pens I've just bought including the excellent packaging!See you on FB!
    Thanks Palimpsest for posting this stub.

  4. Great we will meet you there!!

    KR Yvonne

  5. Very nice post. Sad how many current flimsy disposable product packaging styles today pale in comparison to the sturdier boxes from not so long ago that actually protected the pencils and could provide adequate service for the life of the pencils.

  6. I agree. Nothing beats old-time packaging. Or maybe we'll feel the same way about present-day packaging 30 years from now.