Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Post a Stub: Time Flies

My Flickr friend Fernan Carrière is in his own words a scribe, who is currently studying writing in all of its forms: its history and sociology, why we write, learning to write, how we write, the technology of writing, the material aspect of writingFernan is also a wonderful photographer and has an eye for details and perspectives that may otherwise go unnoticed. His Écriture set offers delightful compositions of pens, inks and paper - a must see for the writing instruments enthusiast. 

Fernan contributes two photos to Palimpsest's Post a Stub. He says that these pencil stubs hold no particular stories of interest to anybody. To me they are imprinted with the unspoken stories of usage and memory.

Time flies
like water under a bridge
memories go by...
Never the same souvenirs
since they are shaded with layers of time
Time passes and everything goes by...
But it's always the same river

(with acknowlegements to Heraclius and Léo Ferré)

Photos by Fernan Carrière ©All rights reserved
Not to be copied or used for commercial reasons without the photographer's written permission.


  1. The bottom pencil case - WOW - A surge/flash of memory. Thanks

  2. Did you use a similar pencil case at school? Do you have any pencil memories to share? :)