Monday, 24 May 2010

A Spot of Summer

Over 20 degrees Celsius and everything collapses into itself. Fingers are sweating holding the pen, nib seems to expand, ink dries up or overflows with inane words - maybe it is only my imagination -  but let it be known I am no sun worshipper. Definitely not a park person. Regent's Park on a sunny Sunday was enforced upon me by friends and kids and the ensemble and I joined the myriad others from every faith, age and creed who had descended onto the grass, by the pond, onto the pedalos and boats and in the endless line for ice cream.

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The Rhodia Webbie felt like something that is designed for colder climes. The Lamy Safari rested uncomfortably in the hand. The white wine was warm, the guacamole disintegrating in the heat, the greenery was buzzing with reproductive frenzy. I am writing a story for the Guardian Weekend Short Story competition - a summer theme, they say, has to be a summer theme. Deadline is on 18 June. I hope it has cooled down a bit by then.


  1. A Purple Safari!!! (At least it looks purple on my monitor). I was not aware Lamy ever offered that color.


  2. It's actually "Limited Edition Pink"!

  3. At the moment I'm sitting at my desk marking tests and the thermometer shows 30°C - at least my ordinary Stabilo point 88 doesn't cause any problems...

  4. Blandine, I think that my complaints about nibs and inks not performing were just caused by my general grumpiness which was in turn caused by the heat. Today it's a pleasant 18 degrees. Not grumpy anymore.