Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Brothers Grimm, Ferdinand the Faithful

At the age of fourteen poor Ferdinand the Faithful found a white horse and rejoiced. Now I have a white horse and I will travel, said he. So he set out and as he was on his way, a pen was lying on the road. At first he thought he would pick it up, but then he thought to himself, "You should leave it lying there, you will easily find a pen where you are going, if you have need of one." As he was thus riding away, a voice called after him, "Ferdinand the Faithful, take it with you." He looked around, but saw no one, so he went back again and picked it up.

 As you have helped me out of the mud I will give you a flute.

When he had ridden a little way farther, he passed by a lake and a fish was lying on the bank, gasping and panting for breath, so he said, "Wait, my dear fish, I will help you to get into the water," and he took hold of it by the tail, and threw it into the lake. Then the fish put its head out of the water and said, "As you have helped me out of the mud I will give you a flute. When you are in any need, play on it, and then I will help you, and if ever you let anything fall in the water, just play and I will reach it out to you."

And so it happened that Ferdinand the Faithful had an enemy. And that enemy was called Ferdinand the Unfaithful. And Ferdinand the Unfaithful always got Ferdinand the Faithful in trouble. He had to fetch a girl by defeating the giants who tear people to pieces and the large birds which pluck the eyes out of your head if you had no bread for them. But he was lucky because his white horse, which was a talking horse, helped him. 

Ferdinand the Faithful passed by a lake. 

However, it came to point when not even his horse could help him. And that was the point when Ferdinand the Faithful was asked to bring back the girl's writings - she said she could not live, she must have her writings. And so Ferdinand should go back to the castle and again defeat the giants and the birds. And he did but when they were on the lake, he let his pen fall into the water.
I will help you if ever you let anything fall into the water.

Then said the white horse, "Now I cannot help you at all." But Ferdinand remembered his flute, and began to play on it, and the fish came with the pen in its mouth, and gave it to him. So he took the writings to the castle, where the king's wedding was celebrated.

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