Saturday, 12 June 2010

Patriotic Stationery

Patriotism as expressed in pencils and pens. The pack of 4 pencils is displayed among England car flags, flag pins, wigs, union jack hats and pens. There are also World Cup 2010 magazines offering stickers, sticker albums, magnets and wall charts. Put the pencil in the sharpener and hear it crackle and suffer as the blades expose the lead. Cheap wood splinters, the lead is exposed more on one side. The quality fits the flag my offspring brought home the other day: flimsy polyester with deep creases where the folds had been. Patriotic stationery is perhaps not meant to be seriously used. Same happened with the 2004 Athens Olympics pencils. Sharpening killed them.

But see a classy alternative over at Pencil Talk

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