Sunday, 27 June 2010

Post a Stub: Pencil Drawing

Continuing with the Post a Stub theme, Palimpsest is hosting Alissa's wonderful drawing of pencil stubs.

Alissa writes:

This is a drawing of my graphite and watercolour pencil stubs. They are a mixture of Faber Castell, Derwent and Prismacolour. I have been wanting to draw these stubs of pencils for ages. They are only good for drawing (a picture of) as they are no good for drawing (with).

In the last few years I have thrown myself into drawing whenever I have the opporunity. I can't bear to throw these beautiful little pencil stubs away as they are part of the process of my increased practice and enthusiasm for drawing. So they are sitting in the lovely wooden Derwent Art box with all of my other pencils.

Alilssa was able to figure out the names of her stubs. They are:

Derwent WaterColour (Silver Grey) (Madder Carmine)
Derwent Studio (Brown Ochre)
Derwent Graphic  3B. H 3B, 5B
Cretacolor Aquarellith Watercolour (Black)
Cretacolor Graphite 2b
FaberCastell (Ivory)
See Alissa wonderful pencil drawings on her Flickr photostream.

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