Monday, 13 September 2010

D.H. Lawrence, Pen and Intercourse

Lawrence called one morning on an Eastwood lady with whom he was on friendly terms. Lawrence was in a restless mood... "There's a poem I want to write." "Well," says the lady, "there's pen and ink and paper in the next room. Go and write your poem, and then, perhaps, you'll be a bit more sociable." Lawrence went on walking as he said "That's just the trouble. I can never work until after I've had sexual intercourse." "Too bad," says the lady, disappearing from the room. Ten minutes later she reappeared in a dressing gown, saying "All right, Bert. You can use me."

John Worthen, D.H. Lawrence: the early years, 1885-1912, Cambridge University Press 1992. Google Books.


  1. A generous offer! Do we know which poem was produced? Have you ever visited his house in Eastwood?

  2. So that's why I haven't been able to write lately...

  3. The woman is supposedly Alice Dax and Willie Hopkin had a more cheerful version of the story in which Alice Dax told Willie's wife "Sallie, I gave Bert sex. I had to. He was over at our house, struggling with a poem he couldn't finish, so I took him upstairs and gave him sex. He came downstairs and finished the poem,"
    I don't know which poem was produced.
    But Alice is the inspiration behind Clara Dawes in Sons and Lovers.

    Bill: A valid reason!

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