Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Woman's Ink

I wouldn't complain, dear readers, about the overcast sky or the drizzle that hangs in the air this evening. These weather conditions never really constitute a cause for complaint for me. Au contraire. I thrive on what others call misery-weather and I despair on very bright and very hot summer days. I am a misfit like that. However, on this particular evening I am seized by a peculiar mood. Is it the drizzle which in combination with the Brazilian oil the hairdresser insisted it'll do my curls good had created a hairdo that 1. smells of a massage parlour (not that I've ever been in one) and 2. resembles a cauliflower? Is it because this evening (to put it poetically) my ink does not flow?

The recently purchased TomBow Object Fountain Pen, red, nib width F, is filled with Private Reserve Ebony Purple but I find the nib scratches the paper rather than glides on it. I have ink-filled my Lamy Safari with J.Herbin Bouquet d'Antan (by means of a converter) but it comes out a pale dirt pink (let me mention that I have cleaned it previously to get rid of previous Perle Noir). My fingers are inked; the desk bears ink blotches. There is even an ink stain on the duvet cover (how that happened?). And now it is time to remember the following from Carol Shield's Unless:

...the matter of women's ink
self-pitying, humourless, demanding, claustrophobic, breathless.


  1. Sorry to read about trouble you're experiencing with the Tombow Object. I own several of them and find they tend not to be scratchy (mind you all mine are M nibs).

    They can be improved immensely if you're prepared to send them to a nib repairer such as Oxonian.

  2. But the pen is brand new, the nib shouldn't need repair. Perhaps it needs some getting used to. When I compare with Lamy Safari's fine nib, there is a world of difference.

  3. LOL - I love the description of your hair!