Monday, 11 October 2010

Viarco Desenho Pencil

The reason why this pencil is packaged thus is beyond my comprehension. The East London  shop it graced with its presence was ambient with a boutique/designer feel offering vintage overpriced ware. I say overpriced because this single pencil retailed at a whopping £1.60 or £8 for 12. Makes the eyes water not least because although it is a good pencil it is definitely not out-of-this-world.

Viarco, I found out, is a century-old Portuguese company that produces writing and drawing pencils and in their online shop you can buy those for 2.40 Euros for 12. A far cry from £8. And a far cry from "designer" too, as these pencils are under the School/Office categories. But enough with the ranting.

Viarco 250 Desenho Classic graphite pencil
A hexagonal, writing pencil, 18cm; Ø 6.9mm; glossy red with golden lettering, no eraser:
On the barrel: "Portugal . 250. Viarco Desehnho HB=2

The packaging claims "Viarco" o lápis de qualidade para todos os fins: Viarco, a pencil of quality for all purposes, or an all-purpose quality pencil. Industria Portuguesa. S. Joao da Madeira ~ Portugal.

Grades B=1, HB=2, H=3, 2H=4, 4H=5

Writing: HB produced good solid writing - clean, sharp lines, or letters. It feels a bit stiff, or hard - no buttery feel here. A good school pencil at a good price (2.40 Euro for 12, online).

Sharpening: normal (I used my new Dux sharpener, of which later...); Erasing: fine.

If you'd like to make the Viarco pencil I have reviewed your own, leave a comment and I shall chose one lucky commenter at random. Until Wednesday, 13.


  1. Nice review... I love me a nice pencil. Thanks for the chance to give it a try.

  2. I'd love to try this pencil.

  3. Just another instance of a company attempting to create a small luxury. Sort of like Moleskine.

  4. hmm - do I detect a tiny trend in pencil packaging? Recently I bought a Rhodia pencil (one of those orange ones, with black wood) that was in its own individual bag. Not as elaborate as the Viarco, but unusual nonetheless.

    and a poser for the collecter - do i have enough space to store it in the bag? Or do i discard the bag.

  5. Yes, I would like to try a Viarco pencil!

  6. I'd love to win this pencil. I don't know if I would buy this pencil. Let me try it and see.

  7. I'd like to try the pencil but I'm more intrigued by the teasing reference to the Dux sharpener.


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  10. woo hoo!
    I will email you, thank you!