Monday, 15 November 2010

Conway Stewart Fountain Pen that Leaks

It is perhaps appropriate that this Conway Stewart 106 leaks. Appropriate for my situation that is. Let me elaborate.

I bought said Conway Stewart in the London Writing Equipment Show in October and pleased I was to go away with a pen bearing a name of note at the modest price of £20. It is a slim pen - slimmer than I would have preferred, for I think I would have normally gone for a heftier writing instrument, had I possess the necessary funds to finance my preference. The colour is a pleasant green, the nib is a fine, 14K gold one, the clip and trim are gold plated and it has got an aerometric filler. It writes smoothly. And it leaks.

The Conway Stewart adds to the adversity of the time. When I wish for life to stop throwing me any more nasty surprises, there is a flood. When I hope for a respite, there is drought. And so with the pen: it alternates between bouts of inkfulness (a profusion and effusion of Pelikan 4001 Turquoise Ink as demonstrated on my finger and right palm) and paucity of writing fluid with nib refusing to deliver even on to the finest paper.


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