Friday, 21 January 2011

Pink is for Pink Invisible Unicorn

Can you disprove its existence? It is pink, it exists, yet it is invisible. I speekah the truth: it is the Atyou Spica glitter pen by Copic. It is non-toxic and acid-free like any Invisible Pink Unicorn should be. It is sparkling and glittering – its name translates into “twinkling like stars” – and it can write for over 360 yards – twice the length of ordinary pens – a miracle that bears evidence to its divinity. Respect the Speekah by keeping it in a supine position lest it shall cease dispensing its divine pigment ink. Spica's ink is archival so that its invisible marks can be preserved to eternity. Do write, ye faithful, and watch your writings disappear into pink invisibility.

Divine provider of atyou Spica : Cult Pens
Colour tested: Blossom