Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Pink of Pink Pens

If I consent to be seen with a pink rollerball pen it will have to be the Uni-Ball Eye. Its appearance is dull opaque grey and metallic with two discreet window strips that reveal the colour and level of the ink within. Oh, there is also a pink-rimmed hole on the cap. OK, I can live with that. And I forgot to mention the fluorescent pink tip of the pen. That gives it away. But anyway. I am prepared to disregard these drawbacks (as far as appearances and rollerball pens go) because the Uni-ball is a smooth writer – good flow of ink, good saturation and actually dries a bit darker than expected.

The Uni-Ball was one of some thirty pink pens sent to me by Cult Pens and despite being overwhelmed by all this pinkness I was prepared not only to try to convince the male population to “pick up a pink pen”, elaborate on atheist pink and open the dictionary for the meaning of pink but also to try all pens with an open mind. There were guilty pleasures during the process. The Uni-Ball Signo goes overboard with the pastels and the scents and the sparkles – solid, opaque, wet lines of pink goodness which has the Pen Addict in the throes of nostalgia. It feels like I’m eating jelly-babies – I hate them, I love them, I can’t stop.

The Pentel Slicci 0.7 was surprisingly pleasant to use despite being very slim and very light and well... pink (you can see all the pink through the clear barrel). 0.7 is just right for me but for the extra fine line addicts there is also a 0.3, if you are so inclined.

PILOT G-2 07 is a retractable rollerball which features a garish pink plastic clip and rubber grip but performs really great, though the clip apart from pink is also annoyingly interfering with my writing. The G-2 XS is the mini version – at half the size.

And finally ZEBRA SARASA 0.7. Same features as the PILOT with the exception of a less garish pink grip. But what a pink ink: dark and handsome, ripe, serious yet playful. If I disregard the exterior this pink is a winner.

From top: Uni-Ball Eye; Zebra Sarasa 0.7; PILOT G-2 0.7; PENTEL Slicci 0.7

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