Sunday, 19 June 2011

Out of breath

I must admit myself to have been out of breath this week and so there was no post on Palimpsest. Instead I have been writing (elsewhere – for monies) and: hunting and making for InklinksHunting for interesting junk and vintage – making with paper and scissors and some glue.

I found this cherry red and cream marvel of a writing case from the Sixties and this red hot 
Scottish affair, and an emergency home doctor tin and rulers – lots of them. And then these unsightly bookends were crying to be transformed and it was done – with the aid of a 1963 Royalite typewriter ad and some Clairefontaine paper. And thus my brain was empty of words and full of objects. And I have captured the latter on camera and wrapped them up as required and some were sent off to other places.

And today is Sunday and the junk yards on Brick Lane beckon.

Another exciting find soon to appear on Inklinks: a case full of Eagle "British Made" (Eagle Pencil Co. London) pencils complete with original ruler and Eagle eraser! Can anyone establish date of manufacture?

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