Thursday, 28 July 2011

Brother Deluxe

A typewriter knows how to spit out the words, how to propel the letters forward like bullets or cannon balls or missives or missiles. It forces them out and as they hit the page they make a noise defiant and triumphant and they don't care. Hit-hit-hit. Each key is a catapult that demolishes whatever it is that prevents the words from escaping the tyranny of silence.

Second typewriter bought in 30 years: Brother Deluxe (1960s)


  1. Poetic -- and so true! I'm not sure I miss the racket, though. Or the effort. Or the Wite-Out or the correction tape -- the palimpsest-makers of the machine age -- though the palimpsests themselves are a loss. Someone should invent a computer font that displays deletions as whited-out characters barely visible under the replacement text.

  2. I'm not chucking out my laptop any time soon. But the typewriter - or type-writing - can be inspirational. I like the idea with the whited-out characters. Maybe there's a niche market.