Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Post a Stub: Graf von Faber Castell to the last inch

Palimpsest does love a well-sharpened pencil. Author of the Blackwing Pages, Sean, kindly contributed a piece about sharpening and two wonderful photos to Palimpsest's Post-a-Stub Series:

Deciding when to retire—and therefore, when to sharpen a new pocket pencil from Graf von Faber-Castell—is never easy, especially so when they are the older pencils, with the brass-threaded ends, which are no longer available. The eraser and cap screw onto the end much like the modern refills for the Perfect Pencil. But these older pencils, from the mid-1990s, seem to be a full shade darker and a bit softer than those available today. These come from the silver-plated extender, rather than from the Perfect Pencil, but the extender allows you to get the last inch out of every pencil.


  1. Agree about starting on a new pencil, more so a high end model - disturbing the pristine condition, wondering whether the sharpener you are using will chew up the first third - oh the dread. Thankfully I'm perfectly content (really??) to make do with the plastic "junior" perfect pencils.

    I have about a dozen plastic "junior" perfect pencils which are more than adequate - good sharpener at a pinch...but I use them with Tombow Mono 100 and Mitsubishi Hi-uni. Stubs that used to sit in a storage wasteland now accompany me in my shirt pocket whenever I leave the house. I wouldn't dare do that with a higher end PP - just a couple of days ago I was foolish enough to leave a 60's brass threaded Parker Jotter at the local supermarket - I just can't trust myself. I match the PP plastic colours to the pencil so I have a Black PP with the Tombow (Darth Vader)and a Red PP with the Hi-Uni. Kevin

  2. Nice post! I have to admit I mistook the meaning of "perfect" for "most excellent" rather than "complete"/"whole". Jack/Ohio (USA)