Saturday, 18 February 2012

Stationery Store Series: Papeterie in the Alps

The retailers of this French alpine resort may not have succumbed to tourist expediency as far as afternoon lunch shop closure is concerned but if ever there was a taste in paper goods this has certainly gone underground. The Passaquin Papeterie in Morzine, a ski resort close to the French Swiss border, is a stationery shop and bookshop in one and the wooden sign at the front tempts the inkthusiast with an image of an ink bottle and paint brush. How disappointing then that inside is a child's paradise of garish stationery, notebooks, backpacks, magnets and other tourist attractions but no ink.

How elegant it would have been for the ink geek to go pen-and-ink shopping surrounded by the magnificent alpine Mont Blanc scenery. Palimpsest (who, dear Readers, shuns the perceived pleasures of skiing) looks on in the hope that the Papeterie will offer an ink-refuge, in the hope that the shelves will not be stocked with heart-shaped cadeaux but with the whole series of J. Herbin ink.

Mais voila: there is a staircase leading to the basement. Does Palimpsest need to provide a secret password to the man to be led underground? Do I need to raise my two fingers - a code for Rhodia's twin-peak logo - to be ushered to the clandestine paper stocks? Exhibit my ink-stained index to identify myself as a fellow ink fiend? Palimpsest sneaks downstairs to discover a low-ceilinged room illuminated with neon lights and carrying shelves filled with Clairefontaine and Rhodia paper goods.  Under a glass vitrine stands a lone glass ink well staring empty.

And thus, dear Readers, I can testify that in the mountains Rhodia has been forced underground.

Sneak purchases of the day: Exacompta folders and Clairefontaine tracing paper 90gr and an excellent Artline ErgoLine Calligraphy Pen 2.0 (Black) by Shachihata


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