Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen Review

As far as appearances go, the Platinum Plaisir does not disappoint. Palimpsest does like a polished, glossy body with rounded ends in a fountain pen, and is partial to snap-on caps. Tick on both counts: the Plaisir is very polished and has a luxurious feel to it, while the cap snaps on and off with a satisfying sound. The clip is unobtrusive with a thin stripe that matches the colour of the body. Palimpsest finds that the substantial ornate cap band, which has received not so positive comments by reviewers, adds interest to the pen rather than making it look disproportionate or, worse still, not much unlike a giant lipstick.

Uncap the Plaisir though and it becomes a glorified Preppy. Yes, here is Preppy’s clear plastic section and here too is Preppy’s nib which matches the colour of the pen. Having inserted the cartridge the pen came with, it took more than a day for the Plaisir to acquire a satisfactory ink flow, being quite dry and skipping before that. Afterwards it continued to write consistently but its ink flow left something to be desired, though it improves considerably during use. It has been mentioned elsewhere that the Platinum uses proprietary cartridges, but Palimpsest found a no-name cartridge fitted just fine. The cap has been fitted on the inside with a special plastic seal which prevents the ink from drying - a common problem with fountain pens when left unused for some time.

Palimpsest would not call the nib smooth. This Platinum Plaisir has got a medium (0.5) nib and if said nib cannot be described as scratchy, it has certainly got some resistance to it. It is rough rather than smooth on standard printer paper but when tried on Rhodia there was a lot of skipping and yes, a scratchy feel to it.

The Plaisir feels quite light without the cap and more solid when posted. I venture to say a posted Plaisir makes for a more balanced writing. However, the writing experience did not amaze. Pleasurable to hold due to its smooth body, the Plaisir offered an ordinary writing experience with a rough edge. The nib felt as if it has been blunted and did not run smoothly on paper. The Plaisir is an economy pen and so there should not be demands for perfection placed on its sleek body. However, if it wins on the tactile front it loses on the writing experience.

The Platinum Plaisir was kindly sent to Palimpsest by Tiger Pens.

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  1. I use several of these Plaisirs - but with fine nibs. So far, so good. I bought the converters right away as I'm not a fan of cartridges.

    One thing, however. After several cleanings the paint on the nibs starts to flake away. I end up removing the rest with a fingernail. Ah well.

    The pens are cheap but good to take with you. I mean, if you lose it, so what? Now if I lost my Esterbrook.... **shudders**

  2. Maybe a fine nib would behave better? My medium nib still feels too rough for my liking. As far as cheap pens go, I'd rather use a Lamy or a Noodler's.

  3. Oh my, a dressed up Preppy. As if the Preppies weren't bad enough on their own :-(

  4. wow ...really nice pen . .thanks a lot for showing it to me..keep it up . .I love it
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