Thursday, 19 July 2012

Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen review

The Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen is a pocket fountain pen produced by the renowned German pen manufacturer whose history goes back to 1833. It is obviously aimed to budget-minded fountain pen enthusiasts who want an economy pen with a famous name. At $23.50 (July 2012 price) this Kaweco is indeed relatively cheap (though not as cheap as the Preppy or the Pilot Plumix). Its a smooth operator and its design is a curious combination of luxury-imitation features and economy materials.

Capped the Kaweco Sport presents an oversize faceted cap posted on a thin(ner) barrel. The Kaweco golden metal logo crowns the cap, while “Kaweco Sport” is written in golden script on one of its eight facets. The capped Kaweco is a mere 10.5cm (much shorter than the Pilot Plumix) but unscrew the cap and post it and you have a 13cm long fountain pen. What was an oversize cap now becomes the glimmering faceted body of the pen - which at 13cm makes the Kaweco measure exactly the same as an unposted Lamy Safari.

The body of the Kaweco Classic Sport is a simple affair with a slightly domed top with “Made in Germany” printed on. It is and it feels plastic and because it is so lightweight it feels like cheap plastic. The rough ribbed surface around the domed top does not help discard this feeling of cheapness either. The golden metal logo and decorative surface of the nib look like luxury-imitation afterthoughts.

The nib is gold-plated stainless steel with an iridium tip. The one tested was Medium. The Kaweco takes standard short ink cartridges and it came supplied with one blue ink cartridge. Now the writing produced by that ink cartridge was just satisfactory. Ink flow was just alright, the nib felt rough and test-driving the Kaweco on Clairefontaine paper was a trial. On lower-quality, more-absorbent paper the pen performed much better but the ink was an unpleasant watered down blue.

When the cartridge was replaced with another from Palimpsest's stash, ink flow improved dramatically and writing was smooth both on higher and lower quality paper. Kaweco Sport can be a reliable portable fountain pen though Palimpsest is not too keen on the design and the cheap plastic feel of it. Perhaps an italic nib would make me change my mind. However, come autumn I will add said writing instrument to my son’s school pen arsenal. See how he feels about the curious Kaweco. 

Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen was kindly sent to Palimpsest by Jet Pens.

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