Friday, 13 July 2012

Law Stationer Tools

A photo Palimpsest came across on Flickr ties in magnificently with the blog's running Dickens' ink and quills theme, Bleak House in particular, the law stationer's tools and supplies more specifically. The photo depicts Mr Alan Brignull's collection of law stationery, in fact his grandfather's tools: a seal cracker, four branded sticks of wax (of which the S.O. branded one Palimpsest wishes was part of her HMSO collection), four quill pens, a pen holder and bone handled erasing knife. All these are sitting on a sheet of real vellum. 

Have a look at Alan's photostream on Flickr for more details. Photo reproduced here with permission.


  1. FWIW-Back in the 1970s I used sealing wax to secure envelopes I used for letters to family and a girl friend. Where was I? Somewhere . . . upmarket? Nyet. I'd bought a few sticks and stationery at the extraordinary military PX (post exchange) at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, not far north of Mexico, where I was enrolled in a military intelligence course. Nice post. Jack/USA

  2. Thanks, Alan and Palimpsest, for the photos. For the life of me, I keep thinking writing meant more when literacy rates were lower, and writing itself more laborious. Jack/USA