Sunday, 26 August 2012

Stirling Castle quill and paper

In the last and final leg of our Scotland family road trip, Palimpsest spent a day in Stirling, home of the wonderful Stirling Castle, which has been beautifully restored and re-opened to the public in 2011. The magnificent Stirling Heads are displayed in the gallery, King James V's and his Queen's bedchambers are shining in all their glory. On Mary Guise's bedchamber a table covered with heavy tapestry is laid out for card-playing. Palimpsest couldn't help but notice the quill and paper. Replicas of course, but a cozy detail.

Some glimpse of the magnificent Scottish landscapes on Flickr...

King James V (Stirling Head)

Stirling Castle

Friday, 17 August 2012

Stationery Store Series: Tackle & Books, Scotland

It is only appropriate that stationery, office supplies and art materials will happily coexist with fishing tackle in Tackle & Books of Tobermory. Tobermory is the main town of the Isle of Mull, the second largest isle of the Inner Hebrides. It is an attractive fishing port on the west coast of Scotland, founded in 1788 by the British Society of Encouraging Fisheries, and known also for its distinctive parade of brightly coloured waterfront houses. Tackle & Books stocks fishing tackle, gifts, books and, yes, stationery. The shop sections are clearly labelled, with stationery adjoining the fishing tackle department, and around the corner is a bookshop too. Winsor & Newton art materials, folders, notebooks, pens and pencils and office supplies are neatly stacked in their dedicated corner surprising stationery enthusiast Palimpsest who is on the first leg of her Scotland road trip.

Happy stationery hunting. Follow Palimpsest's Scottish road and boat trip on Flickr.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Mason ink

Mason ink by polydaktyl
Mason ink, a photo by polydaktyl on Flickr.

Palimpsest is puzzled as to the identity of the ink maker whose product filled this small hexagonal bottle. The letter M is inscribed on it. Mason ink?
According to British History Online, there has been a Mason & Mason ink manufacturer, founded ca. 1866, in south West Ham (London), Mason Str. and Anne Str. Mason & Mason are also present in the 1896 Trade Post Office Directory.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Stephens' Ink Radiant Blue

Palimpsest bows to the ink-wise Toaster Pastry who has posted this Stephens' Ink Radiant Blue review at the Fountain Pen Network, adding kindly a link to Palimpsest's beloved child Inklinks. Palimpsest has recently been fortunate to come across the very same ink, a bottle of Radiant Blue half-filled with said writing fluid. There follows a photographic report of the happy results of a test drive of a John Heath's Gold Coated Shoulder Pen nib dipped in Stephens' Radiant Blue.