Monday, 24 September 2012


penmanship by polydaktyl

penmanship, a photo by polydaktyl on Flickr.

"In his epistolary communication, as in his dialogues and discourses on the great question to which it related, Mr Dorritt surrounded the subject with flourishes, as writing-masters embellish copy-books and ciphering books: where the titles of the elementary rules of arithmetic diverge into swans, eagles, griffins, and other calligraphic recreations, and where the capital letters go out of their minds and bodies into ecstasies of pen and ink."


text by Charles Dickens, Little Dorritt (1855-57)
calligraphy by Vere Foster's Copy Book Lettering Plain and Ornamental (1910)


  1. It think it's the content of our writing that matters more than the flash and style of our writing. I mean the guys at NASA use Comic Sans for Christ's sake...

  2. Benjamin, bro', you may have fetched up at the wrong bus stop. Try writing your next business letter on blank newsprint, and sign it in finger paint to see what I mean. Best wishes. Jack/USA

  3. I have to say, the style of our writing, the marks our hand makes on the page, have content just as the words we choose do. Decoration and flourish are worthy of examination and study.