Saturday, 15 September 2012

Stationery Store Series: Pen to Paper - An Update

At a time when small independent shops are crushed by market competition from large chains which are able to offer cheaper goods, Palimpsest was very pleased to see that two years on Pen to Paper (reviewed in 2010) is still at the same place and doing very well, thank you. An intimate little shop in one of Brighton’s famous Lanes it does not dazzle with its expansive shelves or extravagant variety of stationery. Pen to Paper wins on coziness, loving display of paper, pens and inks, and staff friendliness; it is a small gem.

Journals and Notebooks of Pen to Paper

Pen and paper display

 Journals and notebooks (a decent variety of Clairefontaine, Rhodia, Paperblancs, Moleskines, and more) are stacked neatly on wooden shelving units in the centre of the shop and side walls, pens (including Lamy) and pencils look seductively out of rows of pots, and the J. Herbin bottled ink range has also a pride of place. The Clairefontaine stand is in the same place, and there is also a selection of speciality paper and envelopes, J. Lalo and Fabriano. Dip pen nibs are displayed in clear acrylic boxes, and two shelves are dedicated to ceramic and glass inkwells, quills (proper quills, not the decorative kind), reed pens and blotting paper. 

Pen to Paper is a  little den of wonders for paper addicts and inkthusiasts.

Dip pen nibs selection

J.Lalo paper and envelopes
Glass and ceramic inkwells and goose quills

Blotting paper and reed pens

If you’re in Brighton and you’re out of paper and ink, that’s the place to go.
4 Sydney Street
BN 1 4EN
Or you can buy online 


  1. I love this store. I've never been to Brighton, but I found them online one day and have been getting my inks and pen nibs from them since then. I don't even order online any more, I just ring up and tell them what I want! Their service is great.

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