Sunday, 4 November 2012

Pelikan erasers

To write ~ to remember. To erase ~ to forget. Every writing instrument or writing technique  requires the possibility - and carries the tendency - of correction, erasure, deletion. The scribe turns his stylus around to smooth the wax, erase his writing and re-use the writing surface anew. The ink is scratched out, or eliminated with erasing fluid, the pencil markings are rubbed out, the electronic text is eradicated with the Delete button. 

Inside a bottle of 1950s Pelikan ink a paper fold-out ad contained all the possibilities of deletion in the shape of anthropomorphic erasures:


  1. Hi Lito !
    On primary school late 60's I was using a Pelikan BWR eraser round shape. its round shape with a whole in the center its was the best choice for the little boys for do not lost it. Because in my country all school children was using it with a rope passing thru center hole and holding eraser on the neck. And most important point was the expensive price of eraser.
    Thanks to you make me remember my childhood.
    And warm hugs to Greece...

  2. Dear Lito,
    What luck that such a treasure should fall into the hands of the person perfectly suited to appreciate it! Those illustrations are absolutely wonderful and charming. They'd make great wallpaper for a writing room, don't you think? The color and aesthetic are delightful as well, unlike most advertising today... I envy your discovery--thank you for sharing this most enjoyable post!
    Warm regards,

  3. Pretty cool post, Palimpsest. An eraser is the good writer's best friend. I'm pretty sure I've lifted that phrase, although I can't recall a source. "Rewriting", "waste basket", "shredder", I guess, may be substituted for "eraser".

    I've recently taken to using a shredder that I inherited from a relative who'd noticed our computer era seems to generate a mass of paper with all sorts of identifying numbers. She'd been concerned about identity theft. I used the shredder a few weeks ago to destroy maybe two boxes of old bills, tax statements, early handwritten drafts that had long been transcribed, etc. I'll admit there's something primal and satisfying about its use.


  4. What a treasure – thank you for showing it!

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