Saturday, 22 December 2012

Happy Holidays

Arranging the nibs, dear Readers, in the shape of a Christmas tree is an attempt to get into the festive mood which it seems is a requirement and even a duty this time of year: buying presents for the children, festooning one's home interior as best as one can, trawling the markets for appropriate edibles and beverages. Only the Christmas lights seem to Palimpsest a bit dim this year, a bit forced, like the smile that one assumes in front of a camera out of habit or to construct the present moment as a happy one and preserve it as such for the years to come. I don't know. In any case: onwards with the celebrations - have a good one, be merry, enjoy, season's greetings.

I, dear Readers, will continue to remain obscure. I will continue, like Robert Fulford, having a vested interest in palimpsest. (Thank you to Lexikaliker for bringing Fulford's article to my attention).


  1. Paz y felicidad para ti en esta fecha tan especial.



  2. A happy holiday to you, too, Palimpsest. I always enjoy your writing. Jack/USA