Saturday, 19 January 2013

Pick a Pen Series: Montblanc happy endings

Kenneth Moyle shares his photo and experience of Montblanc:

I've been bad-mouthing Montblanc for what I've considered their over-rated pens for years. Starting when this Meisterst├╝ck 144 started giving me problems only a few years after I received it as a gift. I'd moved on to other pens - some vintage, some new; all less expensive - and left this in my drawer with a corroded ring and loose cap. 

I finally decided to take it to the Canadian Montblanc service centre in Mississauga, having discovered that they take walk-in traffic. Well, lo and behold, I walked in with a useless pen and walked out with essentially a new pen: new and improved nib, new and improved converter, new ring, new cap lock. All for the cost of repairing the cap, which was all I requested. And they gave me this swell little nib-wiping cloth*. 

I love my little Montblanc again. And I take back most of what I said about them, since the corrosion was partly my fault (leaving the pen full and horizontal). 

* I am pretty easily impressed, sometimes. 

And I might add that it is, of course, a perfectly lovely pen to write with - and always was, really. My bad feelings had to do with the problems I had combined with the aspirational lifestyle marketing. And the cologne.


  1. Thanks, Kenneth. I'll admit to not quite understanding the Montblanc phenomenon. Even if I were a high roller (which I'm not), there'd be Platinum, Pilot/Namiki, Sailor, Pelikan, and maybe a handful of other manufacturers offering high-end fountain pens at maybe one-half to one-third the price of a similar Montblanc. To each his own, I suppose.

    Glad you got your Montblanc fixed. Jack/USA

  2. I agree with you about value for money: I'd spend my own money on a Pelikan or a Sailor first, and get a better pen with money left over.

    But overpriced and overrated or not, it's still be any measure a nice pen. I just wish that they didn't taint the brand with cologne and some silly aspirational marketing.

    Keeping in mind, of course, the the average person would probably find a $600 Pelikan M600 no less absurd than an $800 Meisterst├╝ck :)

  3. You're right. BTW-there've been a few products that I've bought in my life that genuinely seemed to have opened a portal to a different world for me. Jack/USA