Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Pick a Pen Series: Zebra Permanent Marker Dual Point

Two pics about a Zebra from the wonderful Well Appointed Desk:

IMG_8531 by wellapptdesk
Zebra Permanent Marker Dual Point Writing Sample a photo by wellapptdesk on Flickr


  1. Thanks, WAD and Palimpsest. I have a handful of marker pens by various manufacturers. They're named marker pens, sometimes sign pens, sometimes brush pens. There are good Web reviews of many of them available.

    Although not a big user, I like them well enough. There've been a few that seemed as though I were writing with a can covered in a stiff sponge; I think my actual writing "tip" may have been an ellipse, not a cone or circle.

    One unusual pen that occupies unique ground is the Staedtler Handwriting Pen. It uses a sort of plastic quasi-nib, which I think is intended for youngsters just learning to write. I'm pretty sure I wrote with something like it back in the 1980s or thereabouts, but it's not available in the States anymore.

  2. Sorry, my comment above. Jack/USA