Thursday, 28 March 2013

On Moleskines

"The world of stationery obsession is a deep rabbit hole. Some claim to find Moleskines too déclassé and mainstream, and instead prefer the all-American minimalism of Field Notes, or the more obscure cachet of Moleskine's older German rival, Leuchtturm 1917. Scientists have yet to determine whether using a Leuchtturm is likely to make your prose style more like Scholepenhauer's. But the important thing, as with a Moleskine, is just to make sure people notice you are writing in it."

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Calling on Moleskine fetishists - you may get a share in Hemingway
by Steven Poole
in the Guardian, 8 March 2013


  1. Well...

    I find Moleskines quite subdued, not flashy. Now, about writing on them, good luck! Especially if using a fountain pen.

    I graduated from them long ago. There are many other options at much cheaper prices and much better paper quality.

    Thanks for your active blogging.


  2. Thanks for the post and link, Palimpsest. " . . . [D]eep rabbit hole" is a little ungenerous, I think. I'd like to think stationery "enthusiasm" rather than "obsession". Eye of the beholder, maybe.

    I'm with Bruno on this. I have a Zequenz bound notebook from Thailand, and regularly use Global Quattro (the company's spelling) detachable-sheet memo books from Malaysia. My understanding (I could be wrong) is that both are attempts to add value to Asian-made art papers. Both are superbly made and moderately priced in the States. (Don't know about UK and Continental availability.)

    Bruno, any suggestions on what you graduated to?

  3. Agreed about the Moleskine hype. I use A6 reporters notebooks from Sainsbury's which cost me 75p each on a closeout, and they are superior in nearly every way to the Mole. The only thing I would change is the material used for the cover, which tends to show fingerprints. That is all.

  4. Mole, I suppose, deserves credit for expanding the market for thoughtfully designed, premium-priced pocket stationery. If my memory's okay, the States were filled with junk notebooks that were all but unusable. Pocket three-ring binders that fit no pocket. Shop notebooks with uncoated covers that became quickly sweat-soaked.

    I did have something called the Wilson Buddy, Jr., a detachable-sheet, pocketable memo pad with a nearly indestructible plastic slip cover. Discontinued.

    BTW-that's my anonymous post above. Jack/USA