Saturday, 6 April 2013

Pencil Spotting in the Design Museum Copenhagen

The Design Museum in Copenhagen - Designmuseum Danmark - was founded in 1890 and was housed in its current location - one of Copenhagen's rococo buildings - in 1926. The museum is a haven for 20th-century Danish applied arts and industrial design enthusiasts - there are plenty of chairs to be seen and admired -  but also includes furniture from the olden days too. Writing instrument fiends will be pleased to known that a Staedtler Noris pencil has been spotted among the modern exhibits while in the historical section there is a fine collection of writing desks. 


  1. Third photo has the most beautiful writing desk I have ever seen. What a beauty!

  2. Thank you showing the photos – the furniture in the last two is very unusual!

    I don't want to be fussy but the pencil in the first photo isn't a Noris. The colour combination may remind one of the Noris but the one shown has the wrong proportions and the thin black line on the side instead of the edge and – more important – is missing the wavy lacquer cap.