Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Vanishing Carbon Paper

Carbon paper by HM Stationery Office

A British firm is still manufacturing carbon paper. York Haven in the West Midlands are amazed themselves that they are still in business. May they live long and prosper.

BBC News went to meet production direction Mervyn Jones to find out how the company has remained in business. Watch the video....




  1. Oh, yeah--carbon paper, onionskin paper (that 9 lb. stuff), and, in the States at least, something called "copysettes", a one-time use sheet of carbon paper to which was attached at the head of the sheet by a mild glue your thin copy paper. There was a tab that ran atop the carbon that you'd rip to separate the carbon from its copy.

    The copies made from copysettes were often called "flimsies" in the States. "Give me an original and two flimsies."

    When I was a youngster, families that owned a typewriter and specialty papers were, I guess in their own minds, kind of, uh, cosmopolitan.

    I'll order loose tea every few months from a Boston shop. My first invoice looked strange, and I couldn't make out why. With a magnifier I saw the lettering and numbers were a bit fuzzy. The shop was still using carbon paper it seemed.

  2. Oops, my post above. Thanks, Palimpsest. Jack/USA