Friday, 7 June 2013

Pencil Archaeology 2

The pencils of the last Pencil Archaeology post justified the title: they were battered, their paint chipped, their markings barely visible. These ones here are still shining bright and they may well contest their classification as archaeological relics. 

From the Cumberland Pencil Company (founded 1916) come the "Scripto" No. 117, a hexagonal grade H pencil with its lettering curiously printed facing to right.

Also from Cumberland is the "Floral", a hexagonal HB grade pencil, that produces smooth writing.

The yellow Eagle Chemi Sealed Mirado - 172 is B grade and thus with a soft lead producing a darker line. 

The red Eagle Cardinal with the "Anchored Lead" is HB grade too, however, much harder in comparison to the Cumberland "Floral".

Equally soft is the Colebrook HB: a pleasure to write with and really more a B than an HB.

Tested on Rhodia paper.
Available to buy at my Etsy shop Inklinks.

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