Friday, 13 September 2013

Back to School: The Magic Multiplying Pencil

Back to school for all here in the United Kingdom and those hoping to cheat their way through their timetables will be sad to know that a Magic Multiplying Pencil is certainly not the way forward. 

Palimpsest came across one such in a stationery lot bought at an auction and must declare that though effective, said pencil is too conspicuous not to draw attention to itself. It is quite thick with a green grip (that feels like it's got a plastic coating) and a red bullet-like top just below which two sheets of celluloid overlap each other.  They have numbers, lines and circles printed on them with a simple instruction in black letters and two pointing hands: Turn Here. Indeed, turn the yellow celluloid to line it with the number you want multiplied and the answer shows up inside the circles below. 

The name of the manufacturer is printed in tiny letters on the celluloid: "Apex Products Corporation N.Y.C." This Magic Multiplying Pencil is wooden but apparently there are mechanical examples, as show in the Leadhead's Pencil blog and in Pendemonium. This here is 12.5 cm long and has a hefty circumference of 5cm. 
No chance of cheating then.

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