Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Nibs in a box

Apparently "Elso Magyar Iroszergyar" means "first Hungarian writing instruments factory" and RT stands for Reszveni Tarsasag, which the equivalent of a Limited Liability Company. The title is claimed by Schuler Jozsef of Budapest. Pencil enthusiasts may be acquainted with the pencils of Mr Jozsef as detailed in BrandnamePencils but the company made nibs as well. Some of them Palimpsest found in a tiny tin box inscribed "Best Deutsche Schreibfedern", that is, best German pens, or quills. It is a delightful little tin (I am tempted to start a collection) and on the tiny lid a black steel pen stands right in the middle of the green and black chequered border and reads Herm. Müller Leipzig.

Inked with an old Waterman green ink, the first nib tested was the EMI No.2, which is marked Schuler Jozsef RT EMI Budapest 28 and bears an embossed 2 just above the vent. This is a wider than average nib with a fine point. It is scratchy and flexible and it produced great writing. 

Schuler Jozsef's H39 nib I couldn't use as the ink was retained and then released at once leaving big blobs on the paper. However SJ EMI 100 was very pleasant, flexible italic nib that wrote beautifully. 

The tiny tin contained two more nibs. The Superior Crown Pen ABC which is very flexible and produced smooth writing and the Brause & Co. No. 511 whose flexibility made it the equivalent of a brush! 

All in all a great little find which is now available to buy in the shop.
Check out more Jozsef nibs and boxes here.

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