Saturday, 18 January 2014

Stationery Store Series: Boesner of Dusseldorf

If you are used to shop for stationery and writing supplies in tiny crammed shops or intimate boutiques, prepare to be awed. Boesner of Dusseldorf, Germany, is a temple of a store. Not so much in that it evokes feelings of devoutness but in its monumental proportions. Its industrial scale dwarves you on approach and once inside its lofty ceilings and ample spaces appeal to the explorer in you. You may need a compass to navigate Boesner's endless shelves of supplies. Allow a couple of hours for browsing. Better still cancel all non-essential appointments for the morning.

The abundance and polychromy is perhaps overwhelming but such is the curse (or blessing) of massive stores. Not a place for agoraphobics. Shelves upon shelves stacked with tubes and bottles containing all sorts of paints and pens. Expect all the usual brands and then some more. Stores like that do not do intimate. They do functional and practical. But there is an allure to that in that Boesner invites you to acquire all, to possess everything, even in the knowledge that your purchased object of desire may never be consumed. You are buying into possibilities.

The ink enthusiast will be glad to find a comprehensive range of Rohner & Klingner, and J. Herbin bottled inks, as well as a selection of nibs and dip pen holders ( I brought home R&K Scabiosa and Solferino). I cannot begin to enumerate the pens.

Notebooks and pads are not neglected either. I bought a couple of notebooks from my favourite German brand, Brunnen. I was of course tempted to purchase all sizes and colours - and what about the array of handmade paper displayed seductively? Would I also need some of those?

A bottle of this and that, a nib, a pencil cap, a notebook, a bookbinding tape and a couple of purchases later, one reaches the till exhausted and ready to make one's wallet lighter than expected. And vows not to come back (but knows that one will).


Boesner is on Wiesenstra├če 72, 40549 D├╝sseldorf, Germany


  1. Can you shop here without Boesner customer card?

  2. I don't know, I went with a friend who had a customer card.