Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Swan Rapi-Dry ink resurrection

Another addition to Palimpsest's list of ink resurrections: Swan Rapi-Dry Permanent Blue ink. I have been looking for this bottle since I sold one in the shop some time ago because I have been smitten by the beautiful Swan trademark embossed on the dodecahedron cap. 

The makers of Swan ink were Mabie Todd (est. in New York in 1860 and in London in 1884) and they had apparently put some effort into their trademark. Their swan has an elegant neck, great feather definition and it makes water ripples when it swims. They faithfully tried to keep the bird this way in everything they did. Check out the bottom of this Victorian Mabie Todd ink bottle, for instance:

... and the detail on clip of the Swan pocket protector

And the swan continues its decorative swim in Swan Last Drop Ink too - both in the lid and the label.

Back to the Rapi-Dry ink resurrection. The remnants of dried ink at the bottom of the bottle offered some promise of a second life but alas what was supposed to be a blue ink turned out a watery greenish and full of bits too. 

Dried ink remains inside Swan Rapi-Dry Permanent blue ink bottle

On the label: Swan Rapi Dry Writing Fluid Made by the Swan Pen People 2 1/2 Fl. Oz.
I didn't have much better luck with the previous Swan Rapi-Dry I've sold in Inklinks two years ago. Though that bottle was almost full and no resurrection was needed, the ink was pretty faded and thin. See below:

Oh, never mind. Better luck next time. I leave you with another view of this beautiful trademark.

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