Friday, 23 May 2014

Old Carnations Smell of Tannin

Old carnations smell of tannin. 
The hexagonal bottle of Waterman's comes from the 1940s and once it's opened the inky carnations fill the air. Perhaps it was more red when it first blossomed but now the ink is much darker. Waterman's Carnation starts almost black and gradually dries into what looks like a deep purple. Watch closely though and the pink hues are showing through not only in the ink swab but in the writing as well. Ageing, light and nib widths are the culprits of these wonderful inconsistencies. Old inks die hard.

"Carnation" written with George Hughes Million Pen and William Mitchell 3/4 Script Pen

"Carnation" written with Geo.Hughes Million Pen; William Mitchell 3/4 script pen; Esterbrook relief pen

Carnation ink starts almost black and dries deep purple.

The label at the back

"Old carnations smell of tannin..."

Watch the hints of pink carnation..

But here it's dark purple

The iconic Waterman ink bottle designed by Ted Piazzoli
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