Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Stabilo S Move or the Basketball Pen

A fan of basketball I am not but I cannot resist Stabilo’s iconic “basketball” pen, the s move elastic writer. What a departure from the obvious: the ’s move pen has a bright orange shaft with a rubberised “basketball” surface and a cap that emulates a basketball net. The tip bounces when pressed down (the cushioned tip is apparently patented) adding to the basketball theme and making for an interesting writing experience. It produces a 0.7 mm line and the ink is erasable though I’ve never tried to put this statement to the test. Stabilo’s s move is not one of the best fineliners I’ve ever written with. Some of the s moves I’ve purchased in the past have dried out more quickly than expected; the tip is satisfactory but not as smooth as other fineliners' and at certain angles it simply cannot write. Yet when I find the s move bouncing all bright and orange in front of my eyes in the stationery shop I have to have it. It’s a good companion to carry around in one’s satchel. It puts a smile on my face every time.

Stabilo s move's cushioned tip bounces up and down.

Stabilo s move's rubberised surface and basketball net-like cap

The "basketball pen" has M (for move) embossed on its shaft.
The rubberised surface can get a bit dirty with use - just like a basketball.

At certain angles the tip cannot write.

Love the ergonomic design and the orangeness (is this even a word?)
0.7 mm line - too thick for some but I like my lines to have some substance
Not as widely available in shops as you would expect.
Find it online in
Tiger Pens

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  1. For the life of me, Palimpsest, I'm seeing in this Stabilo a visual quote from Salvador Dali, or an LSD hallucination depicted in a cheesy 1960s movie. Special effects lens with a distorting mirror, something like an amusement park fun house. Jack/USA