Friday, 21 November 2014

5 Years of Palimpsest

386 posts and 876,479 views later,Palimpsest finds itself modestly celebrating its 5th year of existence. Prolific writing may not come naturally to its author but nevertheless the blog plods along in good faith and as much consistency its owner can master. Since its inception in November 2009, Palimpsest has had its modest share of "traffic" - people who either purposefully sought out its posts or stumbled accidentally upon its images. Some of its posts like Turning Point and Print Gallery owe their huge popularity to Pinterest and Google images. Others like Churchill's Pens were picked up by the Fountain Pen Network. Some were included in articles on sites like Flavorwise. The Pen Addict is responsible for many hits on many posts, and from here I extend my thanks. 

Throughout these years Palimpsest has augmented its collection of Literary Pens Pencil and Inks - a reference source related to the ways writing instruments are presented or written about in literature and poetry. Palimpsest's existence, a product of its author's long standing interest in writing instruments as material and inspirational objects, spurred also another venture: the opening in 2011 of an Etsy shop called Inklinks, where vintage writing supplies are virtually stockpiled and physically sold to those who appreciate "this sort of thing". It was Palimpsest which provided the words which are handwritten and decoupaged on beach stones, stones themselves palimpsests of time and memory. These palimpsest pebbles are on Inklinx at Folksy.

Most popular posts by category are:

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3. Akkermann of Amsterdam

Thank you for reading. Here's to the next five years.


  1. Happy blogaversary! I always enjoy reading :)

  2. Congratulations! Thank you for your contribution to my joyful life.

  3. Happy anniversary and thank you for your blog, Lito!

  4. And thank you for reading, Gunther!

  5. Hi Lito, I confess I have been reading this blog on and off and have enjoyed it immensely. Thank you for the posts and I certainly look forward to another 5 years! :)