Monday, 3 November 2014

Ink a Day

Leaving behind any existential problems Palimpsest may have encountered previously regarding the futility of ink, ink comes back with a vengeance in the new Series Ink a Day. This has been started in Inklinks but Palimpsest hastens to take up the relay and continue the homage to ink old and older than old.

Posts to date at Inklinks:

Waterman's Carnation ink
The Swan Easy-Fill Filler
Stephens' Ink stoneware

In the Ink a Day series Palimpsest will try to dig out information about historic inks: names, bottles, labels, ads. Some inks are extinct, while others, such as Waterman, are produced to this day. Ink making was a thriving trade in 18th and 19th century London. Palimpsest is looking forward to the creation of an ink-tour, a walk where the inkthusiast will stroll along the ghost remnants of writing fluid factories.

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