Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Kimberly

When I was contacted by Pedlars around a year ago about suggestions on new pencils, little did I know about the existence of the Kimberly. The blogosphere may have been awash with odes to the Palomino Blackwing but none similar could I find to exalt that green and gold writing instrument of General Pencil Co. So on my recent trip to New York I made sure I'd acquire a Kimberly and there it was sitting pretty in A. I. Friedman. There were only two grades available, F and 2B, so I got them both and couldn't wait to try the pencil once I was over the Atlantic.

I wasn't disappointed. First of all, the Kimberly is pleasing to the eye: a green hexagonal pencil with striking gold lettering and a golden top. The brass capped end of the pencil really makes it stand out and give it a kind of vintage feel without making it top heavy.

The Kimberly is a cedar pencil with a Carbo-Welded graphite core which apparently makes it able to withstand four times the normal pressure. The Kimberly F being harder produces a much crisper line than the 2B - and also darker than the Staedtler Tradition's equivalent grade (I only had Staedtler's F pencil to compare it with). Kimberly F had an unsightly barcode imprinted which was not the case with the 2B one. 

From above: Kimberly, TomBow Mono, Palomino, Berol Mirado - all 2B
Doesn't look that there are any significant differences in blackness here, except perhaps for the Mirado which appears more grey compared to the others. 

2B is dark and smooth with good point retention. I've compared it to TomBow Mono 2B and found it pretty similar. It is softer and darker than Berol Mirado 2B but is beat on both counts by the Palomino 2B. It smudges much less though. I think I'm won over by the Kimberly and I will admit that the brass top makes me ever so slightly biased in its favour.

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  1. I love these pencils for their looks [the metal cap is quite nice].
    I have not yet been able to bring myself to enjoyment while writing with them [I got HB and 2B].

    It is a matter of taste, and I am into very smooth graphite; Kimberly are a little too hard for my liking.
    And now that I have read your post, let me go grab that Kimberly 2B that is right across the desk staring at me...
    I keep going back to the cup and taking one of them out to give it second chances, but it is, so far, still a little far from becoming a recurring pencil on my rotation for writing weapons.