Monday, 23 February 2015

Paper Pencils

This is not a pencil. It is a representation of a pencil, a pencil as viewed through the lens, flattened by the lens, transformed by the light, converted into pixels, printed. It is the sum of ink pigments on paper. The object which is made of wood, clay, graphite, and paint is converted by a peculiar chemistry into another object made of ink and paper. The print that is not a pencil does not share the pencil's ability to manipulate words but it is still an object of manipulation: a fragile paper object that is cut, drawn on, pushed into the crevices of the pebble, prodded and glued. The pencil and the paper pencil are both handled. The pencil is said to be slave to the act of writing, an instrument obliterated by the higher purpose it purports to serve. The paper pencil draws attention to the materiality of the pencil, a materiality most of which the paper pencil has ironically lost.

Photo of pencils and pencil prints

Photo of pencil prints outlined with ink
Photo of paper pencils cut-outs

Paper pencils glued on balancing pebbles
Part of the Pencil Stones collection of Inklinks

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