Monday, 31 August 2015

Stationery Store Series: Dymocks of Sydney

To land in a new land and not seek out the stationery shops is unheard of for a certain category of people. And thus, sightseeing in Sydney had to include a visit to Dymocks which not only is the country's oldest Australian-owned bookstore but also a purveyor of stationery and office supplies. 

Dymocks' Stationery is on the ground floor adjacent to the bookstore on George Street and offers a variety of notebook and writing equipment brands in a traditional layout.  There is a fountain pen section, a comprehensive array of inks and notebooks and pens for every pocket.  There are Monte Verde, Pilot, J. Herbin, De Atramentis and Kaweco inks; all the colour range of Lamy; Rhodia, Clairefontaine, Leuchtturm 1917, Note Book by Apica (Japan), Life Noble notebooks (Japan) calligraphy pads as well as Chinese-made coloured loose paper. Pencils in stock included Palomino Blackwings and Goldfaber. 

If there wasn't any sightseeing to be done I would have spent more time in Dymocks. As it were one hour would have to do. 

Dymocks' fountain pen section
Glass cabinet full of fountain pens at Dymocks Sydney
The full Lamy - at Dymocks Sydney
Also: inks. J Herbin, De Atramentis, Pilot, Kaweco, Monte Verde...
Notebooks at Dymocks Sydney
The Leuchtturm1917 collection

The Note Book by Apica Japan collection
Calligraphy pads at Dymocks

Notebook by Clairefontaine collection at Dymocks
The pencil collection of Dymocks Sydney

Life Noble notebooks, Rhodias, loose ruled paper of colour!
Browsing never ends at Dymocks
Good bye Dymocks Stationery.


  1. Wonderful post, Palimpsest. My big city experience is pretty limited, so that I'm especially delighted by seeing a "full-stock" store, which you usually won't find except in the largest cities. The camera shop that carries all the Leica cameras, the electronics store that carries shortwave receivers of all sorts, etc. Those lush point-of-purchase displays, I think, will suggest very roughly a "better life" for some Aussie youngsters who're dragged into Dymocks so Mom and Dad can buy a specific item. I'm an American, but my local department stores, founded by Scottish and German Jewish ex-pats, taught me a little about the "better life" through their expert window dressing and in-store presentations. Hat's off, Palimpsest. Jack/USA

    1. Thank you, Jack. I can see how these stores amaze with their abundance!

    2. Thanks, Palimpsest:) I inherited my Mom and Dad's "papyro-philic" ("stationery-loving"?) genes. If they'd dropped me off at Dymocks with a bit of folding money at, say, age 10, I'd have been a happy puppy for weeks after. Y'know, juvenile poetry, faux deep thoughts, all that. Again, hat's off.

  2. It is such a shock to see a stationery shop I've been to on the internet.
    Dymocks have redone the fountain pen section this year to make it much more friendly and open.
    Susan at the fountain pen was extremely helpful when I was buying some Kaweco Sports in June.

    1. Pleasantly shocked I hope! Yes, I also found Dymocks' staff friendly and helpful when I visited in August.